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I know it's late, but I got a favor to ask you.

Wanna vote for me?

This week's topic was "traveling travesty", which actually gave me inspiration for the name of my main character (something I had struggled with for TWO YEARS), and also inspired "The Continuance of Amazing".

There's some voting go on for this kind of thing, I hear. If you liked my entry, feel free to pop on over and slip me a vote, why don'tcha?

Tribe 1, near the bottom since it's alphabetical - same as last week.

And check out everything else there, if you want. There's some gems!

Ohhhhh yeahhhh, I promised some kind of backstory into how this came to be, right?

Well, there was this thing in the middle of the woods in Oregon a couple summers ago. Over the course of an evening, I found myself alone in my tent after eating too many "jelly beans". I either hallucinated or had some kind of vision quest right there in my tent with the glow stick I'd broken open and drawn on myself with - either way, I ended up having this really chilling vision of a woman standing in the light of an oncoming train, holding a swaddled infant in her arms.

Wicked shit, that is.

From there, this kind of developed.

And that's all I'm giving you for now. You want more (and more of my character/plot/story development and random fuckery), I'll need to stay in it for another week. Or get eliminated this week, at which point I'll just post an entire diatribe about writing and the difference between writing fiction and storytelling and all about the plight of the clothespins and why I can't find that huge bag of them that I just bought.

I digress. It's sleepytime. Peace and chicken grease, bitches.


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