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Couponing had become the new trend, which kind of pisses me off. Sure, it leads to clearer store coupon policies and more knowledge on the subject, but when shit gets its own reality show, I get a little turned off.

For the record, I've been couponing since the first time I moved out of my parents' house, filling the cupboards and the fridge of my new place for under $50.

That said, I'm not an obsessive couponer, I don't do the "extreme" couponing or stocking up that others do. I'd love to, actually, but I just don't have the time. Or the sales are going on when I don't have grocery money. I try to only coupon for things I need or would actually have a use for. On average, I can scrape at least $30 off my bi-weekly shopping trip, if not more.

For example, last week's grocery trip was $140 before coupons. After, it was right around $70. That's right, I cut my bill in half.

Today, I decided to go for some good deals I'd seen online. I follow only two couponing blogs, Frugal Living NW and I Heart the Mart. I also get coupons through, though the Sunday paper, mailers, company promotions (a lot that I used today were from a Proctor & Gamble booklet I got in on and was sent to me) and by loading them onto my Fred Meyer Rewards card via their website.

I took Ron. Half an hour into it, he was bored. He did a good job holding my coupons, though.

Here's how I made out. Everything in the picture was purchased with some kind of coupon.


Some things, I hadn't intended to buy, but they were low-priced enough that, with a coupon, it came out to what I was willing to pay. Some of my coupons went unused because I couldn't find the product - I would've hunted a little more, but Ron was getting cranky.

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