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Sadly, there is still not much to tell.

Sat around in my room, nodding off over the laptop until a little after 10am. Finally snapped out of it and called Bosslady. We got ready, then headed over to the Greenbelt. In the pouring rain and crazy wind.

Turns out, nothing opens over there until 11am. They sure don't make it very convenient for us night-working folks. Now I see why Brandie and Chera were going to bed as soon as they got off work, then getting up earlier and shopping before they went back to the office.

While we waited, we sat in a coffeeshop and chatted. Then we wandered a bit until I found the Lush store. Spent the most money there than I have in my entire trip, Oh well. I intend to take a nice bath either before I go to bed today or after I get off work tomorrow. I'm leaning towards tomorrow since it's already getting a little late and I'd like to get more sleep than I did last night.

So, that's it. A pretty uneventful day, to tell the truth. Hope my friends back home aren't melting yet. I hear it's been pretty hot in Western Washington. Ron says that it's like hell in our apartment and the poor cat has just been laying out on the balcony the entire time.

All right, I'm off. For my friends that are fans of Lush, here's my purchases today.


...lush... )


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