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All right, here's that picture-heavy post I was promising.


I like beer!

...oh the places we'll go... )
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Quick post.

Bosslady and I stayed up 24 hours so we could do stuff after we got off work yesterday morning. After training, we came back to the hotel and had breakfast. Then we relaxed for a bit in our rooms and headed downstairs to meet up with the company van around 9:15am.

From there, we headed to Tagaytay which is south of Makati City and outside of Metro Manila. We were there to have lunch and see the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. The lake was formed by a caldera and the volcano appears to be within the lake. It's very neat. The only thing that kind of sucked was that it was rainy and so foggy that our glimpses of the volcano through the fog were rare and fleeting. Also, my camera's batteries died. Bosslady has pictures that she is going to share with me. Once I get them, I'll share here.

We had lunch at a place called Leslie's that overlooked the lake and volcano. It was covered, but it was open air and everything there was beautiful and made of wood. There was a Filipino band playing, coming around to the tables and playing songs. American songs, mind you. The food was definitely different and I made everyone laugh when I made the whole crabs talk to Bosslady. I stayed away from the seafood (anything with eyes creeps me out) and had chicken and pork instead. I cursed myself for eating breakfast. I should've skipped it!

On the way back, we stopped at Ilog Maria Bee Farm. The bees were not out and they were out of honey, but it was still a very quiet, remote place and very beautiful. It was, of course, raining, so it was an adventure to slog through some mud here and there. We saw pineapple fields and coffee plants, as well as some rice fields along the highway on the way back.

The ride home took forever. Traffic was bad, so our driver took a lot of back roads to get us back into Makati City. It was our whirlwind tour of Manila, in a way. We saw much more of the city than I think we had bargained for. I slept a bit on the way back, but woke up more when I realized that I had no idea where the hell I was. We got back to the hotel sometime near 6pm, almost one hour before I'd gotten out of bed the day before.

When we got back, we dropped off our things in our rooms and then headed over to Landmark. Bosslady has the start of a cold and she hadn't brought any medication. I did, but it was only DayQuil and cough pills.

Word to the wise: Do not get sick in another country. They might not have what you're expecting in the pharmacy aisle. In fact, they might not really have a pharmacy aisle. We had to hunt through the few drugs that were available until we found something that said "antihistamine." Maybe we were at the wrong store, I don't know, but we didn't know where else to go. Bosslady sounds better this morning and I'll have to give her some DayQuil so she can function better today.

As for today, I need to go shower and then we're going to get some breakfast, then head over to Landmark. Around 1pm, I am meeting up with [ profile] peachkins over at Greenbelt to swap goodies and general merriment.

I have a ton of pictures, by the way, that Dia took. But I need to get ready to go or we'll never leave the hotel. Much more later!


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