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I'm a liar. I found some energy.

I'm in the same boat as others - while I love my friends list to pieces, my "No Communities" friends list filter has been super quiet lately. It doesn't help, I suppose, that most of my LJ time has been devoted to [ profile] therealljidol, but that's neither here nor there.

So, it's time for a FRIENDING FRENZY!

Come on over, invite your friends, invite your friends' friends - this post is public and open for all sorts of shenanigans, hootenannies, wingdings and thingamabobbers.

Here's my intro:

* Jill: Girl. Wife. Mom. Stepmom. Daughter. Sister. Girl Scout Troop Leader. Friend.
* 31.
* Tacoma, WA.
* Self-admitted music junkie. If you can't make it, plug it in your ears. I lean towards the folk and indie-pop scenes, with a special place in my heart for local punk - but I'll listen to any genre if it's got the right sound. (What this means is that Tegan & Sara are sandwiched between Taylor Swift and The Tony Rich Project on my iTunes.)
* Analyst at a well-known online travel agency. I like airplanes, so this works out well for me.
* I like Diet Dr. Pepper, PBR, bacon, granola and would give my left leg if someone were to bring me some Cha Siu Bao right about now.
* I hate raisins, earwigs, Morrissey and people taking themselves too seriously.
* I'm sometimes a snarky bitch, but it's always in good fun.
* My life revolves around my family, my work, Girl Scouts, music, reading, writing and my sometimes addiction to Facebook.
* Currently trying to work out a webcomic with my illustrator friend Adam, who I call The Artist of Skills. Also currently participating in [ profile] therealljidol. That's not so much of a shameless plug as it is a warning - Be Warned, Thar Be Idol Entries Here. Yar.
* I moderate a couple of LJ communities - namely, [ profile] we_swap_snacks and [ profile] receiptporn.

Yay! I'm going to go bust out into the Yo Gabba Gabba song about making new friends!


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